Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stand IT up!

Recently I had a pleasure to join a presentation on how sitting at work is degrading ones health. IT industry is at highest risk. What unhealthy position does to us has serious, even fatal consequences in long term.

Our way of living is far away from what is natural living that human bodies are created for. This has so many aspects and long term factors that cannot be neutral for our health.

What we do to our bodies is what we call technical debt. Unfortunately, this project has very limited time dedicated for refactoring. Medicine is now clear about it. Sitting at work can take YEARS from our lifetime. 

IT is a fantastic community. We exchange knowledge to improve our skills. We are professionals willing to deliver our best to our business partners and apply best practices we know. We are able to suppress all practices regarding our job, that we considered harmful.

Why not apply this approach to ourselves? Stop unhealthy practices that damage the only thing which really belongs to us - our body? There are scientific, medical, cultural and moral reasons for standing up at work. Changing small habits seems an easy way to live much happier, healthy life. I am convinced!

TLDR; quit sitting, it kills.

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