Monday, February 11, 2013

picking up python

Recently I dived into jython, which is now scripting layer of application I' maintaining. Coming from Java/Scala I have some notices:
  • indentation matters
  • it actually does not matter that much, as I indent my code :>
  • method's first argument is always self
  • this point may have some exceptions, but for me a thumb rule is :%s/()/(self)/ in my vim :>
  • there is no null, but None
  • even if it's still jvm
  • None starts with capital letter, just like False, True and some others...
  • this one really surprised me
  • you do not write new to create new object
  • just call constructor, but
  • you have to return explicitly
  • which hurts when you're used to scala's brevity

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